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    If you are a weed, we have some somber news. John Deere, the farm equipment company that’s been chasing autonomous technology for more than 20 years, has agreed to buy Blue River Technology, a startup that uses AI to automatically identify and spray herbicide on weeds.

    Fast Company

    The acquisition of a computer vision startup speeds the company’s goal of helping farmers grow enough food for an exploding global population.


    The ag giant is buying Blue River Technology for its machine learning-powered crop sprayers.


    Look out weeds. Tractor giant John Deere just spent $305 million to acquire a startup that makes robots capable of identifying unwanted plants, and shooting them with deadly, high-precision squirts of herbicide.

  • Blue River Technology in the news

    RESOURCE, July/August 2017

    Blue River's LettuceBot received a 2017 AE50 Award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, and the See & Spray technology was featured in their latest RESOURCE journal

    Imaging & Machine Vision Europe, June 2017

    "We are starting to do more to distinguish the different classes of weeds. This information will be valuable in the long term, as we can use it to prepare different mixtures of herbicides, which can then be carried on board the machines in order to deliver more specific treatments to each type of weed"

    Inc., June 2017

    "The old-school approach is to drench an entire field in weed-killing chemicals, but Blue River combines computer vision and sophisticated machine learning algorithms to spray selectively.

    As a result, farmers save money, with the side benefit of reducing the amount of herbicide that leaks into the environment. One of its models is called LettuceBot, and it can reduce herbicide use by a factor of 10."

    PrecisionAg.com, June 2017

    Blue River's See & Spray was recognized as the #1 most intriguing technology currently being deployed in agriculture.

    AgWeb Farm Journal, Apr 2017

    "What if an army of herbicide snipers in a sprayer shot weeds, but never hit crops? The technology concept enabling facial recognition on Facebook is ready for plant recognition in order to spray weeds on a dime, all in one real-time pass. Simply, the tractor never stops rolling."

    PCMag, Mar 2017

    "The Jetson TX2 is the latest all-in-one computing module for processing artificial intelligence in the field instead of the cloud. Companies are using it to improve video conferencing quality and even help thin fields of lettuce."

    CB Insights, Nov 2016

    "Peter Thiel of Founders Fund famously commented about a perceived lack of real innovation in VC investing and startups with the following quip:


    'We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters.'


    We'd humbly disagree with Thiel's assertion."


    Blue River Technology is recognized as a game changing startup applying Computer Vision to improve the world.

    Wired, May 2016

    "While the developing world is hungry for agricultural knowledge, the developed world is drowning in pesticides and herbicides. In the US each year, farmers use 310 million pounds of herbicide—on just corn, soy, and cotton fields. It’s the spray-and-pray approach, not so much sniping as carpet bombing.


    A company called Blue River Technology may have hit upon solution, at least as far as lettuce is concerned. Its LettuceBot looks like your typical tractor, but in fact it’s a machine-learning-powered … machine."

    World Economic Forum, August 2015

    "Our current methods of agriculture are not sustainable – our tools are becoming less effective, we’re damaging the ecosystems we rely on for food and we’re putting human health at risk. 


    Robots are the answer. [Blue River's] smart machines are able to sense each individual plant, instantly determine everything about its health, structure and needs, and precisely apply the right amount of care..."

    NPR, August 2014

    "... Technology is the future. For one thing, he says the ongoing labor shortage means there are not enough people to do this kind of work.  So Tanimura & Antle is trying out automated lettuce thinning machines in some of its fields.


    And one, developed by a Silicon Valley start-up Blue River Technology, seems to be the most promising.  It’s called a LettuceBot, and it makes the decisions about which plants will go and which will stay..."

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  • Awards

    Inc. Magazine

    Blue River Technology was recognized for our groundbreaking ideas, specifically for building smart farming machines that massively reduce the amount of chemicals required to grow food, and our ambitious plans for bringing them to market.

    CB Insights

    The "AI 100" is a group of emerging private companies working on ground breaking artificial intelligence technology. Blue River Technology was selected from over 1,600 entries for our team and technology that is successfully using AI to solve big challenges.


    American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE)

    Blue River Tech's LettuceBot was recognized as among the most innovative designs in engineering products for agriculture.

    Cleantech group

    The Global Cleantech 100 represents the most innovative and promising ideas impacting the future of a wide-range of industries. Featuring companies that are best positioned to solve tomorrow’s clean technology challenges, the Global Cleantech 100 is a comprehensive list of private companies with the highest potential to make significant market impact within a 5-10 year timeframe. Blue River Tech was selected from a record number of 9,900 distinct companies from 77 countries.

    Fast company

    The Fast Company reporting team sifts through thousands of enterprises each year, searching for those that tap both heartstrings and purse strings and use the engine of commerce to make a difference in the world. Impact is among our key criteria. Blue River Technology was selected as among the most innovative companies in the field of robotics.


    AgFunder's inaugural Innovation awards recognize the agtech startups that are driving the industry forward and are the most innovative. Blue River was selected for the potential our technology has to revolutionize the food industry and provide investors with financial returns.


    CB Insights

    "Peter Thiel of Founders Fund famously commented about a perceived lack of real innovation in VC investing and startups with the following quip:

    'We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters.'

    We'd humbly disagree with Thiel's assertion."

    Blue River Technology is recognized as a game changing startup applying Computer Vision to improve the world.

    World Economic Forum

    The World Economic Forum selected Blue River Technology as a Tech Pioneer based on our innovation, potential impact, and leadership.

    Sxsw Eco

    Winner of the 2013 SXSW Eco startup showcase event in the Greentech category. Blue River Technology was recognized for the potential impact of our innovation by a panel of technology investors. Check out our winning pitch here.

    Small Business Innovation Research

    National Science foundation (nsf) grant

    Blue River Technology is proud to receive the support and funding of the US National Science Foundation through the SBIR program. We have been awarded Phase 1, 2 and 2B grants for research in the application of computer vision to agriculture.

    Department of Energy

    Through the TERRA program, Blue River Technology is exploring the application of drone-based imaging sensors to characterize plant traits that assist in breeding.

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